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Viewing and creating traffic alerts.

A detailed explanation of how to send and view traffic reports on Also learn how you can customize the user experience

Carpooling has released a dynamic carpooling service. It's a service that matches people looking for a lift with people travelling with empty seats in their car. The passenger get’s to travel in greater comfort and safety while the car owner gets to recover a part of his travel and vehicle maintenance cost.


We love our active community and want to give you recognition for your contributions. So we have create a leaderboard plus a set of badges that will highlight the most active participants. .

How do you get points? ...

Traffic Badges

The traffic badges are awarded for users who send in traffic reports. There are four levels; bronze through diamond with each level being progressively harder to unlock. These badges are named as Traffic Buster Bronze, Traffic Buster Silver and so on. The bronze is easy to unlock. All you need to do is send in 10 valid traffic alerts. If they are published on the website.

Android App

If you haven't downloaded our Android App yet, please get it down from Google Play. The app is a combination of traffic alert system and a GPS tracker. The usage of the android app for sending and receving traffic alerts is similar to using the website on your mobile device. As such that documen

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you display only a limited number of alerts on the home page?

A traffic alert has only a short lifespan. For example a serious traffic jam might be caused at a particular intersection due to an accident. Once the vehicles involved in the accident are moved away the traffic usually returns to normal with in half an hour or so. Therefore at any moment of time only the 25 most recent alerts are displayed.

When will you release an app for the iPhone or Windows mobile?

We are unable to fix a firm date at this point in time. However iPhone and windows mobile users can access our mobile friendly website using the phone. The same traffic notifications that are accessible through the Android app are accessible through the website.

What is

At the moment is primarily a crowd sourced traffic alert system. We also offer a GPS tracking app as well as a directions service that helps you select alternative routes that avoids major traffic hotspots. All our services are free.

How reliable are these traffic alerts?

We can make no guarantee as to their reliability or accuracy. The data is provided in good faith. Alerts sent via twitter or by members of can be considered more reliable than anonymous submissions.

We do have a team of moderators who review each alert, those that are clearly implausible or spam are rejected. We also filter out repeated alerts from the same location with in a short period of time.

How do I make a payment?

Payments for shared rides are debited directly from your online wallet at Therefore you need to maintain a sufficient balance in your account to meet the payments for your immediate travel requirements. 

There are three payment options for adding funds to your wallet; credit card, cheque and bank transfer (SLIPS). Payments made using your credit card will be instantly credited to your account. If you choose to pay via bank transfer please allow two to three business days for the funds to show up in your account. In case of cheques sent through post please allow for postal delays and time for cheques to be realized.

Our bank details are as follow:

Multiverse (Pvt) Ltd.
Sampath Bank
Battaramulla Branch

If you are sending cheques by post, please send them under registered cover to:

Multiverse (Pvt) Ltd.
62/13 Udumulla Road


I will be travelling to office on each weekday, do I need to create a new entry every day?

No. When you create your ride share entry, please mark it as a recurring event. Then the system will automatically create a new entry for you each day and try to find matches for it.  

How do I share a ride?

Please see this article.

How do you handle the security aspects?

Carpooling will be at least as safe as taking a taxi with the added benefit that you will be travelling with a person whose identify has been verified. When you call up a taxi service and ask them to send you a car, you have no control over what sort of person will be at the wheel. Additionally the system will also have a record of the pair up so it's much safer than hailing a taxi or 3-wheeler with an unknown driver off the streets.


We also verify the identify of all ride sharers in several steps. First we verifiy the email address at the time of sign up. Then the phone number is verified. Generally phone numbers are issued by telcos only afer strict verification of indentity and billing address. Thus a verified phone number is a reasonably good assurance that the person is who he or she claims to be.


The next step in the identiy verification is via credit card and/or bank account. Last but not least users are encouraged to send us scanned copies of their photo identity cards. This step is not compulsory but we offer incentives for users to complete this step.


Can I carry more than one passenger?

Yes you may, but please make sure that it isn't a tight squeeze and there is plenty of space available. You may charge a fee from each passenger.

When do I receive payments?

The system will automatically credit the payment into the driver's wallet on  24 hours after the time that the journey was started. Before that time the passenger may choose to release the payment manually. The passenger can also file a 'no show claim' and dispute the transaction. Both parties will then be presented with sufficient time to discuss the issue and reach a settlement. If the parties are unable to reach a settlement will adjudicate. 

Funds in your wallet can be withdrawn into your bank account or you can request that we send you a cheque.