The Android App

If you haven't downloaded our Android App yet, please get it down from Google Play. The app is a combination of our traffic alert service plus a GPS tracker. We will be releasing an update shortly which adds support for our carpool service which was released last month.

Using the app to send and receive traffic reports is similar to using using the website on your mobile device for the same purpose (see the docs). So what is the advantage in downloading the app? It is slightly faster and it handles location detection much better than when you simply visit the website. Another advantage is that data usage will be much lower. We hope to add push notifications about traffic on your route.

The GPS tracker activity allows you to record journey using the GPS feature of your smartphone. The tracks are saved on our database and they are visible only to you. This frees up storage on your device and also makes your tracks accessible through your other devices. To use this feature you need a login. After you have logged in just click on the new trip menu item


The app settings activity allows you to control the tracker and also makes it possible to change your country preferences for traffic alerts

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