The Leaderboard

We love our active community and want to give you recognition for your contributions. So we have create a leaderboard plus a set of badges that will highlight the most active participants. .

How do you get points? Each time you send a traffic report 10 points will be added to your score. If you have already sent in a large number or traffic alerts using twitter, you can get credit for them by signing into with your twitter account. If you already have a account, you can still get credit for the traffic jams you reported through twitter by making use of the 'connect twitter account' feature accessible from your profile page. Similarly we award points for posting photos of bad drivers and bad parking incidences.

In addition to these points, people who have regularly contribute traffic alerts will recieved badges. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond badges are available to users that have sent in 10, 100, 250 and 1000 traffic alerts respectively. A similar set of badges are available for those who send in photos of roadhogs. We will soon announce badges and a point scheme for our GPS tracker app.

The points scheme at the moment is as follows:


Action Points
Road hog photos posted after Aug 01,2014 25
Road hog photos posted before Aug 01,2014 50
Each Traffic alert sent after Sep 01,2013 10
Each Traffic alert sent before Sep 01,2013 15
Complete user profile 50
Connect Facebook Account 50
Connect Twitter Account 50
Follow us on twitter 50
Connect Instagram Account 50
Follow us on Instagram 50

We may change the number of points awarded for each activity in the future while ensuring that points already earned are preserved. However you may still lose points and badges if you disconnect your social media accounts. If an administrator marks a traffic report as irrelevent, the points previous awarded for that alert will be deducted.

We have several twitter accounts. You may follow any one of them (or all of them). If you follow more than one account you will recieve extra points

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