How to send and receive traffic reports

Type or into your browser to checkout our crowd sourced traffic alerts. The server will automatically detect your location and display traffic alerts for the country or region that you are in. You can customize these results further by using the filter.

The same ui is consistent across all browsers regardless of whether you are using a small resolution mobile phone, a high resolution trablet or a desktop computer. You will find several buttons on the screen which facilitates the interactions with the service

  • refresh button Contact the server to retrieve fresh traffic updates (if available)
  • detect current location Centers the map at the current location and auto fills the current location field in the create alert and filter alerts tabs
  • filter button Filter traffic alerts by a specific location.
  • send traffic alert Send a traffic alert
  • toggle panel visibility Show/hide text descriptions of each traffic report

If you wish to filter traffic reports for your current location, or if you wish to warn other users about traffic click the second button from the left. It will auto fill the location field in the relevent forms and also center the map at your current location. Optionally you can manually type in the location. We are aware that typing on a mobile keyboard isn't easy, so an autocomplete feature is available to help you.

Screenshot of on a high resolution tablet

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